1. How to get an Open Water License?

To get a PADI Open Water license, you just need to take the course and complete all the practical skills, quizzes, and exams.

2. How long does it take to get an Open Water License at Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort’s dive shop?

The PADI Open Water course is performance-based to ensure you are competent enough to scuba dive safely. It will take at least 2 days to complete the course.

3. Do I need to be a good swimmer to get an Open Water License?

No, you do not need to be a good swimmer to be certified. You just need to know how to float in water. Basic finning techniques will be taught during the course.

4. Is there an age limit for all diving activities? Can I bring kids during the excursion?

The minimum age to enroll in the PADI Junior Open Water course is 10 years old. Children above 8 years old can do the PADI Bubblemaker program.

5. What are the existing health conditions not recommended or prohibited for diving?

Participants who have current health conditions may still dive, provided they have clearance from their physician. A list of conditions these conditions can be seen on the PADI Medical Statement form at https://www.padi.com/sites/default/files/documents/padi-courses/2.1.5%20rstc%20medstate%20v201.pdf 

6. Where can I dive?

Coron is home to the historical shipwrecks from World War II. Aside from these, there are also wonderful coral reefs. We can recommend the best dive sites for you, depending on your certification level, and number of logged dives. You may also refer to the image above for the list of diving spots you may visit during the fun dive activity.

7. What are the marine life sightings I can witness?

You will see turtles, pufferfish, schools of snappers, barracudas, nudibranchs, lobster, large groupers, moray eels, and lots more! There are also occasional sightings of rays, bumphead wrasse, and sharks. Refer to the above image for the list of marine creatures you may encounter during the fun dive activity.

8. Will there be guests from another group joining my package’s diving activity?

Groups may occasionally be combined, depending on the availability of boats and group size. We will still maintain a small ratio between dive professionals and divers. Exclusive boats for your group may be requested, subject to additional boat charges.

9. What are the equipment included in the Fly, Stay & Dive package?

Equipment included in the package are BCD, regulator, mask, fins, weights, tanks, wetsuit, and booties.

10. Is the full diving equipment included in the package rented only or owned?

Equipment included in the package are only rented.

11. Is 1 Fun Dive equivalent to 1 diving site? 

Yes. Some dive sites, especially the shipwrecks, are large and interesting enough to do multiple dives at. 

12. How long is a 1 Fun Dive activity?

Dives can last anywhere between 20 – 45 mins, depending on the depth and how fast you consume your air.

13. Can I avail of my Fun Dive activity any time within my 4D3N or 5D4N stay?

Yes, you may, but please note that you are not allowed to dive at least 24 hours before your departing flight.

14. How many diving professionals will accompany us during the excursion?

This depends on the group size and certification level, but we normally do a maximum ratio of 1:4 for dive professionals and guests.

15. What is the minimum number of guests per package?

A minimum of 2 persons is required to book the Fly, Stay & Dive package.

16. What is the maximum capacity per boat?

There are several speedboats at the resort with varying sizes. Most boats can accommodate at most 8 guests.

17. What kind of boat is used during the excursion?

Speed boats will be used if available. If not available, local outrigger boats will be used.

18. How long is the boat ride to the diving site?

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort is right across most of the shipwrecks and will take about 20 minutes to the sites. Some sites are further out and can take 40 minutes to over an hour.

19. Can I eat before I do the diving activity?

Yes, you can eat, but like most physical activities, it is good practice to wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour after eating before diving.

20. Is it safe to fly or ride an aircraft after diving?

As a general rule, you should not fly or go to high altitudes for at least 24 hours after your last dive.

21. How soon can I fly after diving?

As a general rule, you should not fly or go to high altitudes for at least 24 hours after your last dive.

22. How deep am I allowed to dive?

This depends on your certification level. For Open Water divers, the maximum depth is 18 meters / 60 feet. For Advanced Divers, you may go down to a maximum depth of 30 meters / 100 feet.

23. What should I do if I encounter underwater species that are poisonous or dangerous?

We avoid touching marine life, whether or not they are poisonous. The dive professionals with you will ensure that close encounters with dangerous marine life will be avoided.

24. What other species should I keep an eye out for during the diving activity?

There are surprise sightings of marine life such as rays, turtles, and small critters.

25. In case of emergency, do you have a first-aid kit or a nurse on board the boat?

We have a first-aid kit on board as well as emergency oxygen. There is also a clinic and emergency oxygen available at the resort.

26. Where is the nearest hospital from the diving sites?

There is a clinic in the resort. The nearest hospital from the resort is about 30 minutes away by speed boat.

27. How long does the air in the scuba tank last?

Each scuba tank can last 20 – 45 mins per Fun Dive activity.

28. Will my ears hurt during or after the diving activity?

This can be avoided with proper equalization technique which is taught during the Open Water course.

29. How can you assure my safety and security during the excursion? 

We always put our guests’ safety as our top priority during diving activities. We will never compromise safety; we make sure dive sites are suitable to diver certification levels and have small ratios between dive professionals and divers.

30. Where can I learn more about Umali Dive Center?

Visit https://umalidivecenter.com/ to know more about our partner dive shop, Umali Dive Center.