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Author: Sara Eunice Lara

The Unique Cuisine of Camiguin

As everyone knows, every country around the world has its unique cuisine. The Philippines and its numerous provinces, such as Camiguin, are no exception. Indeed, many dishes that can be found in Filipino homes and restaurants can trace their origins back to Camiguin and if you’re visiting the so-called “Island Born of Fire”, it’s strongly suggested that you try as much as you can the unique dishes of Camiguin.

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Christmas is often characterized by many, many things worldwide; bright lights, delectable food, family reunions, etc. It’s basically the season where people gather around with their loved ones and share loving and tender moments as a family. But of course, those aren’t the only things Christmas is known for. It’s also known as the season of giving and in the spirit of the season, we at Sunlight Air hosted a special Christmas event during today’s flight with a photobooth and giveaways for our passengers.

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8 Must-Visit Places in Camiguin

Camiguin, sometimes called “The Island Born of Fire” thanks to the seven (yes, seven) volcanoes that helped its formation, is one of the best vacation destinations that the Philippines has to offer. Tourists, both international and local, flock to its shores just to get a taste of the paradise that they can experience within the island. And luckily enough, despite being a small island, the province has an abundance of places to visit and accompanying activities to do.

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