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How to register to S-PaSS?

Step 1: Go to via the web browser of your choice. 

Step 2: Create an account.

Create your personal S-PaSS account using your phone number to generate a QR code.

Provide your phone number and fill out the form with your personal information. (See the image shown below)

Step 3: Once registered, you can now generate your document or permit QR code. You can check for the LGU requirements and current restriction status of your preferred destination by clicking the “Are You Travelling?” found on the left bar menu of your personal account page. 

Answer the Travel Protocol Questionnaire. 

Step 4: If your destination LGU is unrestricted, the only travel document you will be needing is the Travel Protocol Permit (TPP). However, if you’re travelling to a restricted area, you will have to apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) of your destination LGU. 


1. Click “Generate Travel Pass-Through Permit” 
2. Then fill out with your personal information

1. Click “Apply for Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)
2. Then fill out with your personal information

(If you are from Manila going to Busuanga, here are the LGU destination requirements:)

Then fill out with your personal information required

Pending registration of S-Pass

Please wait for the approved Travel Coordination permit