We Will Fly Again

We stand firmly with the rest of the aviation industry in saying, #WeWillFlyAgain. Although flying has come to a halt due to limitations brought by the pandemic, we promise you that we will support you in your business endeavors, take you to your dream destinations and reunite you with your families across the nation when the time is right. This is an unthinkable and unusual situation, so we are taking this time to be agile and strategically plan for your post-pandemic travels with your safety and health as our top priority.

As we promise for you to fly again, here are some new steps and guidelines we implemented into our daily operations to make sure your safety and health are prioritized.

1. New sanitary measures are in place

We have implemented new sanitary measures in our regular routines. We are adopting contactless guidelines in various phases of air travel through online services – travel updates, check in processes and boarding proce- dures are all done contactless. Our airline and aircraft personnels wear PPEs and practice utmost preventions. We will provide personal sanitizing kits for everyone. These are some of steps we have taken to ensure that traveling with Sunlight Air is safe.

2. We will keep you posted about travel updates

We will stay in touch with the LGU of local destinations we serve. We will deliver updates that will be necessary for future travelers.

3. We will travel to several local destinations

One of the ways to help our country recover from the effects of the pandemic is by supporting local tourism, thus, we promise to make flights available even to the underserved of our country.

4. We will experience more of nature

Wellness through nature is the goal for most travelers post-pandemic. Palawan is a destination full of beauty, vast nature and is proven to provide healing through its nature. This is one of the future destinations we will travel to.

5. We will recommend safe, less-crowded and off-the-beaten places

We will recommend beautiful, but less known places, that we have first-handedly experienced. This is so we can still promote social distancing in your travels.

Tomorrow holds a lot of possibilities and promises for a safer travel experience. We promise to continue to rebuild your confidence in air travel because we will travel again.

Download Our Promise, We will travel again