Cast away your worries of the unknown and fly with Sunlight Air!

Step Out of the Great Unknown: The COVID-19 outbreak has tilted the travel industry to unprecedented economic levels and as businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry start to slowly recover, the resurgence of new COVID-19 variants and a larger number of cases closer to home bring the entire industry to a halt again.

In this regard, we strongly urge everyone to be cautious and stay home when possible.

Sunlight Air will once again take this time to revisit its measures and protocols to ensure domestic travelers in the Philippines a safe and seamless travel experience when you are ready to head out to “The Great Unknown.” In the meantime, here are some tips you can make use of when you can travel again.

Keep It Linear

Take a trip that is direct and exclusive as much as possible. It can be easy to avail of the most attractive vacation travel deals right and left but Sunlight Air goes the extra mile by offering chartered flight services with its own private hangar, exclusive lounge, land & boat transfers, partner hotels, and ultimately private island resort, and this may be the most direct and exclusive a trip can ever get.

Know This Before You Fly

COVID-19 is a reality we have to live with, but hopefully, it doesn’t mean locking ourselves away from the world and its beautiful destinations forever. Innovative and agile businesses allow us to live a semi-normal life amid the pandemic.

Sunlight Air, being one of the innovative and agile businesses in the Philippines, has prepared stringent health measures in place to observe the proper observance of social distancing, use of face mask & shield at all times, generous provision of sanitation kits, and ample access to handwashing and hand sanitizing. It also eliminates the risk of contamination in airports with its private lounge, which allows you to travel from one bubble to another.

It’s important to mention also that the ATR 72, 500 is designed for fresh air to enter from the overhead inlets and blow transversally and vertically, then down towards the exhaust grills. This strategic design guarantees passengers have clean air circulation every 3-5 minutes inside the cabin.

Find a Safe Stay

Keeping safe from the virus does not end in choosing safe air travels. Should you decide to travel, choose an accommodation where air circulates freely with calming views of the surrounding cerulean waters – Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resorts villas are just ideal for this much-desired safe, but relaxing vacation. You can check out our other destination packages as well, offering similar safe and enjoyable accommodations.

Breathe In The Outdoor Air

Traveling to your dream destinations to catch a breath of fresh air might just be what you need to break away from being cooped in your homes. The fresh air from the wide-open space of beautiful beaches, lakes, island resorts, and other local destinations provides a lower risk of transmission as compared to being in a dense city like Metro Manila. So, go on and enjoy that long walk at the beach, hike to the hills or mountains, or take a blissful bike ride on the whole stretch of SETIR – it’s also good for the mind and the soul!

We fear the uncertain, but since the pandemic hit us a year ago, Sunlight Air has adopted innovative and agile measures to keep you safe and this might just be the safest solution for your COVID fatigue or cabin fever at home. Come and join the adventure of the greater unknown destinations in the Philippines safely and seamlessly!

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