Dining in Style: Linamnam MNL – Like every city in the world, Metro Manila is home to many hidden gems when it comes to restaurants. From local Filipino cuisine to international dishes, the country’s capital city has a vast culinary scene with many eateries that people can visit and partake in. One of these hidden gems is Linamnam MNL, owned and operated by the young chef Don Baldosano.

About Linamnam MNL

Located within Baldosano’s home in Paranaque City and opened in 2018, Linamnam MNL provides diners with a unique experience as soon as they walk through the doors. This is due to the fact that the restaurant is boasted as a private dining experience that reminds customers of the warmth of home thanks to its unique tasting menu. Additionally, the chef also makes an effort to improve upon the Filipino dishes we know and love, giving them a special spin that is sure to leave anyone who takes a bite wanting for more.

About the Chef

Considered a culinary wunderkind, Chef Don Baldosano has been cooking delicious dishes since the age of 12, with his talent even helping him gain the privilege of joining Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition the same year. From there, his skills in the kitchen continued to improve and after graduating from Culinary School, he eventually came to start working under esteemed chefs such as Toyo Eatery’s Chef Jordy Navarra and Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Fyre Rooftop Lounge.

As admitted by Chef Don himself, at first, he was not as enamored with Filipino Cuisine as he is now. But after being challenged by one of his friends on his low opinion about Philippine cuisine, Chef Don became motivated to learn more about Filipino food, traveling to different provinces to expand his knowledge on our cuisine even further. The challenge and his experiences, coupled with his desire to showcase Filipino food, led to his conceptualization of Linamnam MNL with his classmates, where he continues to craft delicious one-of-a-kind dishes using homegrown ingredients to this day.

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Linamnam MNL’s Gastronomic Wonders

As one of the rising stars of the Philippines’ culinary scene, it’s no surprise that Chef Don Baldosano has been invited to many culinary events around the country. On April 19, 2022, he’ll be one of four guest chefs at the Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort’s food event, Gastronomic Wonders and true to form, Chef Don already has a menu prepared for guests who will choose him to provide them with a unique culinary experience for the evening. 

Linamnam MNL’s featured dishes for the event are as follows:

  • Kagat – appetizers consisting of tapa, rice crackers, the unique smoked longganisa tea, podpod na tulingan, and a serving of the acidic yet mouth watering singulaw.
  • Adobong Dagat – A seafood dish of Tanigue confit and succulent roasted squid with seafood jus.
  • Sigang na Baka – A Filipino favorite with a twist consisting of perfectly cooked beef belly, cabbage, and pingol bato.
  • Kanin – Rice dish made with the pink Inuma rice from Mountain Province paired with the savory pindang na baboy and Tinapa Alumahan.
  • Sara-Sara – A sweet selection of desserts that include the sweet and semi-frozen granita and panna cotta made of panocha paired with white chocolate and pineapples.

About the Gastronomic Wonders Event

In the Philippines, April is also Filipino Food Month. In line with this, Sunlight Air and Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort, in partnership with Asia Pacific Travel and Moet Hennessy, are treating its guests to a new food event, Gastronomic Wonders, a three-day food event celebrating the Filipino food that is beloved throughout the country by featuring dishes cooked by four of Manila’s rising culinary talents!

At the Gastronomic Wonders event, guests can look forward to a one-of-a-kind dining experience thanks to young wonder chefs Don Baldosano of Linamnam MNL, Kevin Navoa and Thirdy Dolatre of Hapag, and Tina Legarda of Bamba Bistro. Each will showcase their unique cooking styles to create an exquisite and mouth-watering five-course Filipino meal for the event’s guests that will not only help them expand and brighten their culinary horizons but also remind them of the warmth of home. Of course, other than the delicious dishes, guests can also expect drinks to flow as Moet Hennessy will provide cocktails, champagne, and wine to be paired with the food concocted by the chefs.

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