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Tag: Post Covid Travel

Frequently Asked Questions About SETIR’S COVID Safety Protocols

After months of being hard at work to provide for yourself and your family, it’s understandable if you want to go on a vacation to rest and recharge from the daily grind every now and again. However, ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 two years ago, traveling to other places for some has been more of a challenge than expected. But luckily enough, thanks to the vaccine and the various health protocols that establishments around the world have put in place, traveling to different venues for a vacation now seems safer than ever. And if you decide to take your vacation, Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort is the best place to be! Remotely located on the under-discovered waters of Culion, Palawan, the resort is a haven for those who want to get away from the city life and experience an island staycation in luxury with bits of adventure and relaxation. Add to these the resort practices strict COVID-19 health and safety guidelines so you can bask in the warmth of moments with peace of mind.

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How Sunlight Air Will Continue to Safeguard You Against COVID-19

Despite the fact that the Philippines is currently seeing an upward surge in COVID-19 cases, brighter days seem to be ahead for the industries and businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic as the world steadily rises on its feet once again. However, thanks to the vaccines providing the ray of hope that COVID-19 will soon become a relic of the past, it’s easy to become complacent against the virus. But worry not, as we at Sunlight Air value our passengers’ safety above all else and as such, we will continue to safeguard those who fly with us from COVID-19 by continuing our health protocols even post-pandemic.

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